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François Pelletier life remained unknowned to this day. For what we know, he was the son of Pierre Pelletier and Louise Cardinaux, born about 1658 in Courçons, évêché of Larochelle, in the French department of Aunis. He declared to be 26 years old in the 1684 census. He was living as a barrel maker and also as a domestic at the Jesuits college in Quebec city. François passed away on July 15, 1711 in Quebec and was burried the same day.

During his life, François contracts two marriages. The first one was with Anne Gignard on February 7, 1684 and they celebrated it in l'Ange-Gardien, a little town located near Quebec city. His wife Anne was born on September 1, 1664 in Château-Richer, also a small town near Quebec city. She was the daughter of Laurent Gignard and Élizabeth Sorin. Mother of 9 children, four of them lived to marry. She passed away on December 18, 1701.

Then, François wed with a second woman, Dorothée Tremblay, on March 30, 1703 also in l'Ange-Gardien. Dorothée was born on April 27, 1677. She was the daughter of Pierre Tremblay and Ozanne Achon. At least 3 of their children lived and marry.

Nine generation later, Moïse Pelletier wed with Philomène Duchesneau on september 25, 1877, in Dudley, Massachussetts. To our account, their children were the only one carrying François Pelletier family name and through them, we still can track the rare descendants of François Pelletier to this very day despite the hasards of genetic and despite the passage of time.


Moïse Pelletier et Philomène Duchesneau.
Photo : ©  Doug Speeckhaert private collection.


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