16th Gathering

16th  annual gathering of the Pelletier Family Association

August 2nd, 3rd and 4th 2002 - Sherbrooke 

New pictures send to us by Pierrette Pelletier. She told me that a lot of young Pelletier were present this year. She was right, check out her pictures.

Visiting the wine production facilities  "Cep d'argent"

Was this taken in France ? No, it's still the wine facilities "Cep d'Argent" near Sherbrooke, province of Quebec.

They came from the Outaouais region. Pelletiers were coming from all the places really !

Young Pelletier ! Yes, here's a table full of them, one of many.


Claude E. Pelletier, with his computer beside him help many cousin to fix some blanks in their genealogy with the help of… 

...his wife, Laure Gauthier, always smiling and healthy. Both helped so many people at the gathering.


The table of honour for the 16th annual gathering 

200 individuals were present for this family reunion making it a success story to be remembered for a long time.

Pierre Pelletier's descendants were all seated at the same table. 

While the wine was served saturday evening, the ex-mayor of Sherbrooke honored us with his presence, Mr Jean-Paul Pelletier.

Mary O'Malley, from the theatrical guided tour  paid us a visit from her time continuum. She explained, with the help of fellow actors, how the people lived in the 19thcentury in Sherbrooke. 

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