14th Gathering

14th  Annual gathering of the Pelletier Family Association
2000 - Drummondville

There were over 150 Pelletiers that day at the "Village d'Antan" of Drummondville. It's an attraction park where they kept the old French Canadian houses and opened them to people as a window in time. You get to see the way your grand-parents lived. 

Normand Pelletier, from the lineage of Pierre Pelletier, with his wife Michèle took a little break to sing with the violonist. It wasn't long before some more Pelletiers arrived to enjoy the event.

The Pelletier wood shop as it appeared about 1850.

Part of the general assembly. 

It was hot and very humid that day. 

The board of directors for the year 2000 - 2001. (I'm the tallest one because I'm standing on the tip of my toes)

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