13th Gathering

13th  Annual Gathering of the Pelletier Family Association
1999 - Beaupré

The weather might have been 32C/90F in Montreal that day but a kilometer or two offshore of Tadoussac, at the "Phare Prince", we only got 5C/41F celcius. We had no visibility to observe the whales that hang out in the Bay of Tadoussac..


On Saturday July 31st, around 8:00 AM, the "Famille Dufour II" arrived.

112 Pelletiers were waiting. 

The St-Laurence river, en route to Tadoussac.

The first hour or so, people were just amazed by the beauty surrounding them.

Louis-René Pelletier, from the lineage of another Pelletier family, Jean Pelletier, showed everyone that he was still young at heart.

The Richelieu Manor.


On the Saguenay River, we went all the way up to Trinity Cape.


 A few hours later, we were back on the St-Laurence river where the whales were having a meal. 17 other boats were also present for them. 

Let play some games on our way back ! 

Here's Beaupré...

Sunday, August 1st 1999

From left to right, Dolorès the secretary, Denis, the president and finally Normand, the vice-president at the time.


Still traveling...

Author : Pascal Pelletier
Published in La Pelleterie, volume 13, # 3 - fall 1999. 
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Pelletier family Association invited all it’s members and all the Pelletiers to come to the 13th annual meeting and this year it was help in Beaupré near Québec city from July 30th to August 1st.

A reunion in Beaupré? Not really because the main attraction was in fact a 10 hour trip over a few hundred of kilometres. The Saint-Lawrence river that saw our ancestors reach the new world over three hundred years ago had the opportunity now to look upon their descendants on board the catamaran "Famille Dufour 2" for a little cruise.

Everything started that Friday July 30th. Some arrived early enough and found out that the hotel's pool was a very good alternative to the heat and humidity, and also to relax after a long road trip. A cocktail was served at 6;00 PM in the Val-Des-Neiges hotel's main hall. Members of the administration council finished their meeting on time and were all happy to see so many Pelletiers talking about genealogy, history or talking about what happened since last year.

It was the perfect moment to meet our new cousins and find out where they came from.

Saturday morning, all of the Pelletiers got up at the sound of their alarm clocks and got together for the 6:45 AM breakfast. Afterwards, the buses showed up and took everybody to the quay. Lets not forget the President of the association who started singing and everybody joining their voices together. It was a good beginning for the coming day. Aboard the catamaran "Famille Dufour 2 ", the Pelletiers were easy to spot because they all received a hat with the family name sewn on it. They all quite enjoyed discovering the north coast landscape that virtually remained the same since Jacques Cartier. Leaning on the guardrail, and looking thru their binoculars, people were deeply captivated by the beautiful view. 

LÎle-aux-Coudres suddenly became visible through the fog and brought many memories to some of us. After a short stop at the quay, the island went back to hiding behind its fog cloud that followed us all the way down to the majestic Richelieu Manor.

One of the cruise's stops was the port of Tadoussac, but of course, we all expected to see a few giant whales breathing. Unfortunately, the fog was too thick and it limited our visibility down to 100 feet. Theres this rumour that Mrs. Pelletier saw a little common whale at the front of the catamaran but Mr. Pelletier, standing at the back, didnt see a thing.

While in Montreal and Quebec city,we were sweltering under a warm 32 Celsius(90 degrees F), we were shivering under the 5 Celsius(41 degrees F) the whale habitat had to offer us near the Princes lighthouse.

One of the first things we discovered upon entering the Saguenay river fjord is that it was around two to three hundred meters deep. As deep as the mountains and cliffs bordering the river were high.

The Saguenay fjord exploration went all the way to Trinity Cape where some Algonquin legends tell of a mythical place. While reading the French dictionaries about names of places of Quebec it appears that Vikings might have come here and are mentioned about in the Algonquin legends. Is it possible?

In 1881, a statue commemorating Mary, the mother of Jesus, christened Notre-Dame-of-Saguenay. 7,5 meters high and weighing more than 3000 kg. It was carved by Louis Jobin (1845-1928) and offers protection on the fjord of Saguenay since a commercial traveller was miraculously saved twice by Saint-Mary. It is in recognition that event of the statue was conceived. The Pelletier family observed the local custom and naval tradition of this place and prayed while listening to Ave Maria at that spot.

While leaving the fjord in the afternoon we turned our attention towards the place where whales can be observed because there was no more fog and the more favourable weather gave us opportunities to see them. This time, 17 other ships and boats in addition to the catamaran " Family Dufour 2 " had already arrived and enjoyed the spectacle.

Common whales were already there eating and between each breathing they engulfed a great quantity of krill. Exclamations of astonishment and the music of the photo cameras were the only audible sounds emitted by the passengers. The observations ended right after two big whales dove under the catamaran. It was now time to get back to Beaupré without forgetting to make quick stops at Pointe-aux-Pic and the île-aux-Coudres.

On the return trip, in order to relax a bit, the staff asked people to play a little game with them called "the Musical Stick", similar to the game of musical chairs. Of course, its Mr. Pelletier that won and everybody had a good laugh. After that, some people continued their conversation about genealogy while other were already talking and planning next year's meeting in Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon, north of Montreal.

The captain of the catamaran was so punctual that we arrived in Beaupré just in time to get dressed for dinner, a wonderful meal that was served at the hotel that night. A lot of us were exhausted by the fresh air they had received during the day and went to bed right after the end of supper while a few stayed in the hotel's main hall to talk a little. 

The next morning was Sunday, August first. Right after the mass, the executive committee of the Pelletier Family Association asked all to come to the annual general assembly. This year Mr. Hugues Pelletier from Sainte-Anne-Des-Monts was elected as a new administrator. Also, Mr. Denis Pelletier was re-elected and renamed to the office of President of the Association for the next two years.

A brunch was held at 11 :00 AM and some of us found out that one of the hotel's waitresses was also a Pelletier cousin. What a small world it is! We hope that she will become a member and will come to our future reunions.

This is how the 13th annual meeting ended and it was a great success.

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