Our magazine "La Pelleterie"

All members of Association automatically receive four numbers per year of the magazine "La Pelleterie" and all are invited to share their stories with their cousins thru it.

Editor :

Pierrette Pelletier, Gatineau, Qc.

Publicity : 

Rémi Pelletier, Association treasurer. St-Pascal. Qc.


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How can we get more English articles in the magazine?

Everyone has a story to tell, so why not share a few with your fellow Pelletiers?

Have you researched your grandfather’s life? Tell us about it!

Did your grandmother used to tell you stories about “old” Canada? Tell us about them!

Did an ancestor fight in the Civil War, World War I or II…? Tell us about it!

And don’t think that just because you’re not an “ancestor” yet yourself, we don’t want to hear about YOU! Think how your family would love to read about your life, while you’re still alive!
“La Pelleterie” is for ALL OF US to share what is special to us! It is YOUR magazine.
Don’t say how “unfortunate” it is that there aren’t more English articles! Take an active role in YOUR association!!


Submitting Articles and Photographs to La Pelleterie magazine :

  • You may submit articles and photographs electronically by e-mail or you may mail them to:        
    La Pelleterie

    L'Association des Familles Pelletier Inc.
    28, rue de Rupert, Gatineau, Québec, J8T 7J9

    When you submit an article, either electronically or conventionally, we request that it be typed; this eases the workload of our volunteers. Handwritten documents are, nevertheless, accepted.
  • All digital images must be either TIFF or JPEG form, standard scanned at 300 DPI, and in color or grey-tone. 
  • All original photographs and documents submitted for publication will be returned to their owner.
  • Articles, and the ideas expressed therein, are the sole responsibility of their authors, and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Association or its Administrative Council.
  • The use of the masculine form (in French) is intended only to limit the length of articles, never to discriminate against one or another gender.
  • Without written authorization, it is forbidden to reproduce any text published in La Pelleterie.


Next issues of de La Pelleterie :

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February 1st             Mars 1st

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