Michel Pelletier, de La Prade


We only knows very few things about this person Michel Pelletier, Sieur de La Prade and this is why he became the mysterious and enigmatic "Sieur de La Prade". Of his European origins, we can say that he was probably born in Paris. In the 1666 census he indicates being 35 years and 36 years old at the time of the census done during 1667 in Three-Rivers. In the census of 1681, he stated being 51 years old and we can find him living at the Seigneurie de La Prade, or Gentilly.
Michel Pelletier, middle-class merchant, acquired the Seigneurie of Gentilly in two parts. First, he acquired from Felix Thunay some land on April 18th, 1669. Then, October 23th, 1671 pending a sales contract concluded between him and Nicolas Marsolet, he acquired the remaining part of his Seigneurie.

It is with Jacqueline Chamboy that he was married. The place and the date of the wedding remains unknown to this day. Jacqueline was the widow of Jean Poisson. No known descendants result from this union. She died and was buried on November 1st, 1694 in Quebec.


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