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Marie Pelletier, "Fille du Roi", born towards 1651 in Sainte-Madeleine-de-Montargis, archbishop's of Sens, in Orlianais. Daughter of François Pelletier and Michelle Lachalle. She arrives in New-France in 1669 with the dowry of the King, estimated at 100 pounds.

At the time of her crossing to New-France, Marie was the passenger #104 aboard the ship: Saint-Jean-Baptiste. The name of the owner of the ship was: Aubert de Chenaye, the name of the ship-owner: The Company of the Indies and the name of the captain: Pierre Fillye. We guessed that the ship took on board 90 King's daugthers at the port of Dieppe and that it took 11 or 12 other King's daugthers at Larochelle before sailing towards New-France and arriving in Quebec on October 2nd, 1665. Another girl onboard this ship carried the name Pelletier, Anne Pelletier dite Passavant.

The nature of the passengers was 149 girl from Normandy, 20 from LaRochelle under the direction of Mrs. Bourdon.. and 12 horses. Let us note that it is the very same Bourdon lady which in charge of Françoise Trochet-Richard, another King's daughter which became the wife of Pierre Pelletier.

Four children were born from her first marriage concluded with Mathurin Renaud on October 7th 1669 in Quebec. The contract had been signed in front of notary Duquet on September 21st 1669. They were established in Charlesbourg. Mathurin Renaud died between May 10th 1677 and September 29th 1677.

Only one child was born from the second marriage contracted with Pierre Canard, inhabitant born around 1641. The contract of the marriage, was noted and signed by notary Rageot on September 29th 1677. Pierre Canard passed away on March 21st 1700.

It is with Jean Joubet that Marie got married one last time. The marriage took place on September 24th1703 in Charlesbourg. No children was born from this union.

Marie passed away at 56 years old in Quebec's Hôtel-Dieu on june 30th 1707. She didn't know how to write.

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