Anne Pelletier dite Passavant


Anne Pelletier-Passavantdaughter of late Mathurin Pelletier and Catherine LAGNEAU from the parish of St-Pierre, Chartres, in France. Born about 1643. Arrived in New-France as one of the numerous "Filles du Roi" in 1665. Died on December 12th, 1686 in Point-aux-Tremble. She didn't know how sign her name. 

Her marriage with Pierre Papin took place in Montreal on December 14th, 1665. Her husband was born about 1628. He died on April 8th, 1715. The couple was established in Pointe-aux-Tremble and they had 8 children.

Anne made the crossing towards New-France onbord the Ship: The St-Jean-Baptiste de Dieppe which had a tonnage of 300. She is recorded as passenger # 66. The name of the owner of the ship was: Aubert de la Chenaye, the name of the ship-owner: The Company of the Indies and the name of the captain: Pierre Fillye. We guessed that the ship took on board 90 "Filles du Roi" at the port of Dieppe and that it took 11 or 12 other "Filles du Roi" at Larochelle before sailing towards New-France and arriving in Québec on October 2nd, 1665. Another girl onboard this ship carried the name Pelletier, Marie Pelletier.

Anne was stated to be 20 years old on the census of 1666, 26 years on the census of 1667 and 26 years old on the 1681 census.

Here what we knows about her husband, Pierre Papin. He was the son of François Papin and Michelle Lagneau of Notre-Dame de Sabli-sur-Sarthe, ar. La Flèche, év. Le Mans, Maine (Sarthe) in France. Pierre died at 86 years old on April 8th, 1715 and he was buried the following day, April 9th, in Boucherville.

Here are the descendants of this couple;

1- Pierre Papin, baptised on December 20th 1666 in Montréal. He was killed by the English on October 1690 in Pointe-aux-Trembles. For the census of 1681, it was recorded to be domestic in Montreal's Seminary.

2- Gilles Papin, baptized on March 14th, 1669 in Montreal, he married Marie Françoise Chaperon in 1693.

3- Élisabeth Papin, baptized in Montreal on September 27th, 1671. She became the wife of Charles Demers in 1689.

4- Marie-Anne Papin, baptized in Montreal on December 13th, 1673, died by drowning in Montreal, June 28th, 1687, she was buried the following day.

5- François Papin, born in Point-aux-Tremble, baptized in Montreal on March 8th, 1676.

6- Catherine Papin, born on August 10th, 1678 at the "côte St-Jean", baptized on August 13th, 1678 in Point-aux-Tremble. Buried, October 27th, 1687.

7- Jean Papin, born at the "côte St-Jean" and baptized on June 1st, 1681 in Point-with-Tremble. Buried August 26th, 1684.

8- Suzanne Papin, baptized on May 20th, 1684 in Point-aux-Tremble. Buried in Montreal on December 20th, 1693.


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