The Next Family Gathering

The next family gathering will be held in Drummondville on August 10, 11 and 12  2018. More news to come on the web site and in your « La Pelletrie » magazine.

Death of Laure Gauthier-Pelletier

We regret to inform you of the death of Mme Laure Gauthier-Pelletier. She was a lifetime member of our association.

Vacant positions

Hello to you all,

You association needs you!

The smooth functioning of an organization like ours is entirely based on the members voluntary participation. Thus we must assure ourselves that it is not just the responsibility of a few members. From now until the next elections in August, three positions in the administrative council will be vacant. It is imperative that these positions be filled so that the necessary tasks for the smooth functioning of the organization be distributed in a fair way.

During the two-year mandate, the members must participate in three meetings per year as well as the annual general assembly that is held each August. According to your availability, your interests and the needs of the organization, we will propose that you take charge of one or more files that will guarantee the smooth functioning of our organization. 

If you like team work, join our fantastic team ; Michel, Jean-Benoit, Suzie, Rémi, Lise, Pierrette, Raymond and Raynald. Each and everyone a Pelletier. 

If the challenge interests you, please communicate with us at the following address.

Michel Pelletier, President

Our new site

The new internet site for the association is now online. 

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